Episode 95 – At the Movies

Hey guys we have a fine fine show for you this week! Harrison drops by to talk about his upcoming trip out to Texas, Black Panther, The KOP Mall, and train graffiti. After the break, we dig deep into a plethora of answers to the Desert Island top 3, and answer a Hyperthetical question.

Episode 94 – Beard Club

Warmest greetings to all of our friends! Episode 94 is here and Moo and his beard are back! We talk Olympics, Michael Bretts, cereal, and the Eagles parade. We discuss Saturday morning cartoons, play a game of Heads-Up, and Moo is a domestic violence criminal. Thanks for checking us out, we love you! Music: Watsky

Episode 93 – Social Media Extravaganza

Hey gang, we have a superbly funny show for you this week! New friend of the show Tom stops by and we talk Eagles Superbowl, Tom’s acting, working at Best Buy, and removable teeth. We chat about everyone’s favorite social media platforms, play a round of Pop Culture Trivia, and Tom almost gets killed in

Jon Arbuckle, Sex Offender

Hey everybody! We are back with a new episode and another new guest! New friend and great guy Kyle stops by to talk about beds, the Super Bowl, Jake’s work, and Jon Taffer. We talk about the best one hit wonders, play a quick round of Pop Culture Trivia, and Kyle mixes drinking and college

Episode 91 – Sports Nuts

91 episodes? Damn! We have a great one this week too, as our first guest of 2018, the always terrific Adam returns to talk Eagles Superbowl, real estate, Planet Fitness, and worst live sporting event moments. We talk about your favorite movie villains, and play a re-vamped more professional version of the lip reading game.

Episode 90 – Mexican Coke

Wow! 90 episodes gang! We have a really fun one this week in which we talk about why sporting events are the worst, Warren’s revolving door of ailments, rock shows, and spaying your pets. We discuss everyone’s favorite sodas and answer a couple crazy Hypertheticals. Enjoy! Music: The Movielife – This Time Next Year

Episode 89 – Alrighty Then

Welcome everyone! This week we are definitely Smokin’!!! We talk about snow days, stealing lunches at work, shaking hands, and Mike yells a lot. We talk at great lengths about Jim Carrey’s body of work including the new documentary about him, and Mike and Jake try to get revenge for last week in a round

Episode 88 – Tub Time

Happy New Year! We have a great new show for you this week. We talk about what everyone did for the big NYE, getting into jams and adventures as kids, lying to your parents, and taking baths. We also play an epic game of Pop Culture Trivia, and just pal around for an hour. we

Episode 87 – Resolutions

Happy New Year everybody! We are celebrating with our last episode of 2017 and we have a brand new face at the table this week! His name is Jeremy and he is a terrific guy. A dad, husband, writer, and nerd that you will all love. We talk about our respective Christmases, Jake’s grilled cheese

Episode 86 – Deck Your Halls

Merry Christmas everybody! We have a great holiday show for you this week and a brand new friend of the show Dev sits in! We discuss Christmas, high school gym class, rapping, and snow traffic. We play a holiday themed game of Heads-Up, and have a plain old great time. We want to thank you