Episode 44 – What Happens In Vegas

Hey gang, we have a fun new episode for you this week! It’s the debut of new friend of the show and Mike’s cousin Joe. We talk superstitions, insane grocery store customers, math, and the Red Hot Chili Peppers concert. We resurrect a fan favorite game, talk about your favorite game consoles, and Joe gives

Episode 43 – One Hour Photo

Welcome to the greatest show on earth! We return this week with an extra special guest, the fan favorite uber professional podcaster herself, Katy! We discuss what she has been up to since her first appearance all the way back in episode 21, favorite insults, the Superbowl, and everyone’s favorite childhood toys. We play a

Episode 42 – Some Pig

Get up on this people! Episode 42 is here and with it the return of one of our favorite people, and her name is Jen! We go on and on about proper tree maintenance, Shake Shack, high school band, and tornadoes. We talk at length about our favorite books (thanks for all your suggestions!), play

Episode 41 – Moonshine

Wow, we are back! Very fun and jam packed episode this week as we welcome new friend of the show Rachel to the table! We discuss travel, Jake getting situated in his new home, a question we have not gotten to ask for quite some time, and we knock back some Tennessee moonshine. We go

Episode 40 – Rebirth

Hey guys, this week is very special indeed. We officially welcome our new host to the table and he may seem a little familiar to most of you. We discuss video games, Jake’s new home, difficult co-workers, and nostalgia. This is such a packed and fun episode that we didn’t even have time to play

Episode 39 – Laser Tag Sucks

Hey out there everyone, we are back! Great new episode this week featuring returning host Mike talking about marketing to 80’s kids, Dunkaroos, Jake’s apartment hunt, and arcades. We have a brand new game to debut, and we got an amazing amount of feedback for this week’s Desert Island Top 3 so thank you all

Episode 38 – Wigglytough

Happy New Year Everybody! We have a very fine episode for you this week, featuring our guest host from the Doomthugs.com Official Podcast, Harrison! We are also joined by Warren’s wife Megan to discuss New Year’s Eve, apartment hunting, Harry’s movie viewing habits, and snowboarding. We play Heads Up again (I know, we are working

Episode 37 – In a Row?!

It’s our last show of 2016 and it is a special one this week! We have dear friend and fan favorite Adam sitting in for Roy, and Kevin makes his glorious return to the guest chair to talk about all things that are good. We discuss Carrie Fisher, real estate, nightmares, Christmas, and New Year’s

Episode 36 – Blue Christmas

HO HO HO!!! Merry Christmas faithful listeners. We have a very chill, funny episode for you this week. Sitting in for Roy this week in the host chair is Mike from the Doomthugs podcast. We talk Rogue One, Bill Murray, favorite desserts, and traditional Linwood breakfast. We play Heads-Up, and Warren gets caught with his

Episode 35 – I’ve Made a Doom Mistake

This is the big one people! The second part of the epic crossover between us and the Doomthugs.com Official Podcast is here. Listen in wonder as we discuss Star Wars, Fender Benders, The War on Christmas, and All Time Best Albums. We also have the return of a game so beloved I will not spoil