Episode 53 – Won’t You Be My Neighbor?

Happy 420 everybody! We have a very fun episode for you this week. New friend of the show and Warren’s next door neighbor George stops by and he is a delight! We talk about weddings and honeymoons, car shopping, stunt driver Jake, and fruits and vegetables! We talk about Easter and Easter candy, play a

Episode 52 – Verne Troyer

Holy Shit People! One whole year of podcasting! We have a very special episode this week featuring the highly anticipated return of the king. Roy sits down with us for the first time since his exit from the show. We talk about his Disney wedding, everyone’s fond memories of the podcast over the past year,

Episode 51 – Jet Lag

Ahoy! We have a very chill show this week, as we ramp up to next week’s big one year anniversary show. Warren just flew in from Florida and boy are his arms tired. We talk about roller coasters, co-workers who make you watch movies, airplane etiquette, and Wrestlemania. We play two games this week to

Episode 50 – Penis and Butt

Holy Smokes Guys!!!! 50 episodes in the can! We can’t thank all of you enough for your continued support this year, it means so much to us. This week Warren’s wife Megan returns to the table to discuss Philadelphia, the New Found Glory show, Jake’s bridal shower, and work complainers. We talk about weddings and

Episode 49 – A Whole Moo World

We have a great show for you this week everybody! Welcome back! This Episode brings with it the return of our mustachioed friend Moo. We talk about bachelor parties, strip clubs, pranking your friends on Facebook, and laptops. We talk about our favorite comedians, Moo gives us an update on his dad and brings some

Episode 48 – Snowmageddon

Wowee! 48 episodes in people! We have a great one for you this week as Harrison returns for an impromptu early recording session to avoid the snowpocalypse. We talk about Nintendo Switch, awkward celebrity encounters, Facebooking at the movies, and we get a surprise live guest! We go over your favorite podcasts, and play a

Episode 47 – Kooky Dan

Oh boy do we have a special episode for you all this week! Frequent contributor and new friend of the show Dan stops by, and he didn’t come alone! He brought wonderful gifts for us to enjoy. But he also came ready to talk, as we discuss Warren’s latest Food Lion adventure, a little Nintendo

Episode 46 – Nintendawgs

Gather round for a brand new episode chock full of conversation! Jake has the flu and all around good guy and fan favorite Adam fills in for him as guest host, and we welcome Tyler back to the show. We ask him a question that’s been burning a lot of people up, talk about Nintendo

Episode 45 – Basketball Horse

Hey everyone welcome back! We put together some kind of great show for you all this week. We go back to basics with just the three of us and talk about video games, Tim Tams, most anticipated of 2017, and doing stupid things to impress people. We get new artwork from friend of the show

Episode 44 – What Happens In Vegas

Hey gang, we have a fun new episode for you this week! It’s the debut of new friend of the show and Mike’s cousin Joe. We talk superstitions, insane grocery store customers, math, and the Red Hot Chili Peppers concert. We resurrect a fan favorite game, talk about your favorite game consoles, and Joe gives