Episode 82 – Wassssuuuupppp????!!!!

Greetings! We have a wonderful new show for you featuring terrific guy and realtor extraordinaire Adam making his long awaited return to the table! We talk real estate, Warren’s bday, vehicle recalls, and Christmas trees. We discuss favorite movie sequels, and play a game of Can of Squirms! Enjoy it! Music: Weezer – No One

Episode 81 – Doctor Doom

Hey Everyone! This episode is hot off the press, recorded and released on the same day! It’s a crossover with our dear friends from the Doom Thugs podcast, and you can hear Jake and Warren join them on Monday. We discuss superhero movies, awesome and terrible sequels, Jeep bros, and The Goonies. Harrison tells us

Episode 80 – Mischief Managed

Hi out there! We have a great new episode for you this week. We discuss our Halloween fun, mischief night, Kevin Smith, and video games. We talk about favorite reality tv shows, and play a Halloween edition of the Pop Culture Trivia game. We even squeeze in a classic Hyperthetical. Enjoy! Music: Sum 41 –

Episode 79 – Halloweiner

Spooky tidings to you this week everyone! Mike’s cousin Joe returns to the table with us to discuss trick or treating, haunted houses, hayrides, and Warren and Jake’s musical extravaganza. It’s an overall scary delight. We play a game about horror movies, and talk about our favorite and least favorite Halloween candies. Happy Halloween everybody,

Episode 78 – Costume Party

It’s getting creepy in here guys! We have another terrific show for you this week in which we discuss high school status, video games, and the Ren Faire. We talk about everyone’s favorite Halloween costumes, and answer some fun questions. Everybody have a lovely week! Music: Against Me! – Sink Florida Sink

Episode 77 – 2Spooky

Hey out there guys and ghouls we have a fun new episode for you this week! We talk about getting a new cellphone, AIM, haunted houses, and grocery shopping. We talk a lot about everyone’s favorite horror movies, play a game of Heads-Up, and have a spooky old time as good friends. We wish you

Episode 76 – Can of Squirms

Hey Everybody! We have a very fun new episode for you this week. Tyler returns to the table to talk about his upcoming trip to New York Comic Con, horror and Halloween movies, the taint, and Jake’s weekend wedding extravaganza. We take your suggestions for Warren’s Delco accent, and play a brand new game! It’s

Episode 75 – Binford Tools

Hello again friendly people! We have a great new episode for you this week featuring our dear friend Harrison. We discuss job interviews, school computer class, girl talk, and Matchbox 20. Harrison brings a story with him, and we play the pop culture trivia game. Don’t forget to write in with ideas for the Desert

Episode 74 – Prodcast

Hey everyone! We have a great show for you this week, as we are joined by returning guest and host of the Prodcast from the Produce Aisle, Warren’s neighbor George! We talk produce and podcasting (of course), Jake as a guardian angel, Jake getting peed on, and CCD classes. We discuss your favorite live shows,

Episode 73 – Mosh Pit

We’re Back! Sorry we missed you last week guys and gals but we were busy so get off our backs! This week we talk about concerts, camping, junk mail, and IT. We get a quick surprise huge mistake story from Mike, and we have a fantastic game of Pop Culture Trivia. It’s a fun one,