Episode 75 – Binford Tools

Hello again friendly people! We have a great new episode for you this week featuring our dear friend Harrison. We discuss job interviews, school computer class, girl talk, and Matchbox 20. Harrison brings a story with him, and we play the pop culture trivia game. Don’t forget to write in with ideas for the Desert

Episode 74 – Prodcast

Hey everyone! We have a great show for you this week, as we are joined by returning guest and host of the Prodcast from the Produce Aisle, Warren’s neighbor George! We talk produce and podcasting (of course), Jake as a guardian angel, Jake getting peed on, and CCD classes. We discuss your favorite live shows,

Episode 73 – Mosh Pit

We’re Back! Sorry we missed you last week guys and gals but we were busy so get off our backs! This week we talk about concerts, camping, junk mail, and IT. We get a quick surprise huge mistake story from Mike, and we have a fantastic game of Pop Culture Trivia. It’s a fun one,

Episode 72 – Kids Say the Darndest Things

Hi everybody! Kick off your Labor Day weekend with a fantastic new episode this week featuring new friend of the show and Jake’s sister Meghan! We discuss ghosting your job, growing up with Jake, underrated movies, and maybe a few guests drop by. We answer a Hyperthetical question, and Meghan has a little kid talk

Episode 71 – Overrated

Hey gang we are back with a new episode! Mike, Warren, and Jake talk about the eclipse, beach pinball, listening to albums on shuffle, and mixing social media with work. We talk about your and our top overrated movies, and play a special double edition of Heads Up! It was a great time and well

Episode 70 – Unscripted

Hey everybody! We are back with an all new episode with just the three amigos this week. We go totally off book and discuss foods that made you throw up, Boston Market, Mike’s tardiness, and dangerous friend’s houses. We tackle a Hyperthetical and play some three way pop culture trivia. It was a fun time

Episode 69 – Summer of 69

Well guys we finally made it! Episode 69 is here and it is glorious. We invited the most deviant person we could think of back to grace us with his presence. One third of the Doomthugs podcast and great guy Justin returns to talk about taking Michael Bay down a peg, movie theater snacks, Mike’s

Episode 68 – The Penal System

Hey gang we are back with a fantastic new episode for you this week! A fan favorite guest and all around great person Rachel makes her long overdue return to the table as we discuss house painting, Warren the mechanic, a brand new recurring segment that is very pleasing to the ears, and what everyone

Episode 67 – Birthday Girl

Wow guys, we made it just under the buzzer! We recorded and released this week’s episode on the same day, which just so happens to be our special guest Megan’s birthday! We talk about surprise parties, the beach, old school video games, and floods. We ask a weird Hyperthetical, and play a special birthday edition

Episode 66 – Killer References

Hey everyone we are back! Fresh off of the very successful Doomthugs podcast live show, Harrison sits down with us to talk about live podcasting, concert goers, current binge watching, and moldy bread. We play Pop Culture Trivia and just have an all around fun time. Glad to be back with you all! Music: New