Episode 60 – Cartel

We are back with a real live show this week! Episode 60 sees the triumphant return of our favorite Ohio transplant Erik. We get a ton of information about Jake’s wedding, his honeymoon, Philadelphia Comic-con, and celebrities. We have an in-depth conversation about dreams, and Erik gives us a short but already classic story involving

Episode 59 – Best Mistakes

With Jake being newly married and on his honeymoon, and Warren celebrating his anniversary this week, we didn’t have the opportunity to get a new show recorded, so hat follows is a list of the biggest and best mistakes guests, hosts, and guest-hosts have admitted to since we started the podcast. Hopefully you all enjoy

Episode 58 – Tuxedo Sam

Hey guys and gals have we got a fun show for you this week! Warren’s wife Megan makes her triumphant return in our quest to add more ladies to the show. We discuss Warren’s medical drama, Mike’s surprise date day, and Jake’s upcoming nuptials. We talk about favorite anime series, play a couple games, and

Episode 57 – Gotta Catch Em All

Hey guys! We have an awesome show for you this week. Mike’s cousin Joe returns to the table to talk Mother’s Day, Jake’s bachelor party, and an interesting sight to behold on a Philadelphia street corner. We talk about everyone’s list of favorite Pokemon, play a super fun new game, and Joe enjoys himself some

Episode 56 – Road Kill

Hey everyone! We have a cool and chill show for you this week. Jake is at a concert this week so Harrison joins us at the table once more. We talk about Warren’s busy weekend, free comic book day, Harry’s busted car, and Guardians of the Galaxy. We discuss your favorite Nickelodeon shows, and have

Episode 55 – Underground Dream Home

I’m going to get right to the point this week gang, we have a terrific and terrifically funny show for you. Friend of the show and all-around great guy Adam returns to fill in for Mike this week, and we also have the long awaited return of fantastic guest Billy. We talk about school fads,

Episode 54 – Laughable

Hey there podcast fans do we have a show for you this week! New friend of the show and accomplished podcaster in his own right, host of the excellent Full Belly Laughs podcast Brian Durkin joins the table this week. We talk burritos, podcasting, and key strength. We play a very fun new game that

Episode 53 – Won’t You Be My Neighbor?

Happy 420 everybody! We have a very fun episode for you this week. New friend of the show and Warren’s next door neighbor George stops by and he is a delight! We talk about weddings and honeymoons, car shopping, stunt driver Jake, and fruits and vegetables! We talk about Easter and Easter candy, play a

Episode 52 – Verne Troyer

Holy Shit People! One whole year of podcasting! We have a very special episode this week featuring the highly anticipated return of the king. Roy sits down with us for the first time since his exit from the show. We talk about his Disney wedding, everyone’s fond memories of the podcast over the past year,

Episode 51 – Jet Lag

Ahoy! We have a very chill show this week, as we ramp up to next week’s big one year anniversary show. Warren just flew in from Florida and boy are his arms tired. We talk about roller coasters, co-workers who make you watch movies, airplane etiquette, and Wrestlemania. We play two games this week to